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About Kory J. Hoang


Actor, Musician, Writer

When I was 7 years old, I discovered Michael J. Fox after Teen Wolf (1985) aired on TBS late-night programming. The following summer, I ordered as much of his filmography as I could from Blockbuster’s mailing service, including the Back to the Future trilogy, Doc Hollywood, and For Love or Money. Not only did this spark my love for comedy movies, but this is where I discovered I had a genuine curiosity and sense of optimism toward life and the creative arts.

Before acting, I was a formally trained percussionist who began performing in 6th grade, all the way up to my senior year of college. Some of the ensembles I’ve been able to work with include Georgia Southern’s Southern Pride Marching Band, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Marching Band, and Atlanta Quest’s Q2 Independent Indoor Percussion. Music is still very much a love of mine and continues to inspire the concentration and discipline I need to succeed in all of my other projects.

That discipline has gotten me in some pretty sticky situations though. After having intense feelings of imposter syndrome all throughout college, I thought I had finally made it when I graduated and landed my first “professional” job in the real world. It turned out, however, to be a toxic nightmare, and it was at that point that I decided to return to my artistic roots and work towards a fulfilling life that would not only make myself happy, but would inspire others to chase their dreams as well. Now I’ve got the best day job in the world that completely lets me be myself instead of someone who can nail the perfect handshake or knows what side of the plate their bread roll goes on.

I trained at Studio 48 under Steve Alderfer, Krystal M. Harris, and Summer Rain Menkee, covering all aspects of Scene Study, Script Interpretation, On-Camera, Audition, and Technique. Feel free to check out my Actor’s Access resume too. Whenever I’m not on set or in class, I’m usually reading books about comedic writing and timing.

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